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Finally! You’ll Be Able to Grab The attention of recruiters and employers With This “Secret service” You Can’t Live Without

The secret to finally catching the attention of recruiters and employers is

Infographic Resumes Ignitor

This is a cutting-edge Software that creates Powerful Infographics Resume’s In Minutes…

With No Photoshop!

Infographic Resume Mag

Learn about the benefits of Infographic Resumes.

Why Career Coaches

80% of candidates with career coaches find the right jobs quicker. Learn how having a career coaches can help you get your dream jobs faster.

Hidden Job Market

75 percent of jobs are not advertised and are called the ‘hidden job market’ Learn the strategies of how to tap into this market.

Story Telling

How Story Telling has become the new strategy for communicating your career achievements. Let others sound like robots, stand out through story telling.

Career Branding

You’ll learn about the benefits of career branding and the value of a well-developed career brand.

Benefits of Infographic Resumes?

Here's Why infographic Resumes Works:


Done For You Service

Done For You Service

We can help you to select the appropriate look and feel for your infographic resume (one which is appropriate for you and the role you are interested in).

Then we can personalize it to create your own individual infographic resume. We can produce this winning infographic resume for you within 5 days.
First you choose from selection of professionally designed templates. Then Email ( us the template number you’ve just selected.

Here’s what you get for the Done-For-You-Service


Here’s what you get for the Done-For-You-Service

  • One customised Infographic Resume
  • One customised Story Telling
  • 5 magazines –
  • Infographic Resume Mag
  • Why Career Coaches
  • Hidden Job Market
  • Story Telling
  • Career Branding
  • Cover letters
  • Networking letters
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You're going to be blown away by how easy it is to land a great job with an Infographic Resume!

Infographic Resumes are a real winning formula which make your application grab attention!

But if you wait too long, it will be much less effective. Remember, you can't stand out from the crowd when everyone else is doing the same thing!

Keep in mind this is a strictly limited offer - we're only going to perform this service for a few more people.


What should do with infographic when it comes to social media? +

So here’s what you should do: put your infographic online on your account. Tweet it, add it to your timeline, link to it from your profile, put it out there.

2 good things will happen.

1: Employers will see what an awesome person you are when they check up on you, and your resume will be shared.

2: People will share it because they will think "look what that guy just did! That’s an awesome idea! Let’s share it so people somehow associate the awesomeness with me!"

That is literally what they will think. And your resume will go viral.

As long as you don’t wait until everyone else is doing this.

Now, you shouldn’t be shy about sharing your resume on any social network. People are going to get a kick out of it, especially people in the same industry (hint).

But there is one social network where this tactic reigns supreme. One social network which was virtually made for the infographic resume.

And that network is LinkedIn.

Because if you have any kind of presence at all on LinkedIn, then your resume is going to start getting noticed by people in your industry.

You can post it on your profile. You can attach it when you apply for jobs. You can even post it to groups. You will be reaching people in your industry and standing out from the crowd.

In a network where people have proven that they share graphical information, that's a Good Thing To Do.

Why Haven’t I Heard of This? +

You haven’t heard of infographic resumes ignitor before because they its new. In a few months to a year, everyone and their dog will be doing resumes this way, and you’ll need to work out some other way to stand out.

Ok, right now the infographic resume is a secret weapon. When you send one with your next application, this will be the first time the recruiter will have ever seen anything like it! You’re going to blow him away! Who knows, he may even post it on Facebook or blog about it.

Sit on this idea and do nothing for 18 months and you’re just going to blend in with the masses.

Has anyone ever tried this crazy infographic resume thing?
Actually, yes! It has been used, and with great results.

For instance, a chap in the UK named Jonathan Frost heard about this and tried it. He sent his infographic resume to a small number of handpicked potential employers in the field of journalism. He added a tracking code to the emails, so he could see who accessed the resume.

2 out of 4 of his prospective employers opened the resume, and both of them contacted him to interview him. He now works for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). The BBC is quite a conservative organization, so if this approach worked for them, it’s promising news indeed.

This is not an isolated case. In the US, Chris Spurlock, a graduate fresh from college, put his infographic resume online. Overnight, it went viral. Yes, you read that right, his RESUME went VIRAL.

Thousands of people saw it, shared it, and passed it along. The result? The Huffington Post hired him as its infographic editor.

These are not small accomplishments! No doubt, the fact that these guys were qualified and appropriate for the job had something to do with it, but how many other qualified applicants do you think there were?

Do employers check Social Media when they are recruiting? +

Yes, and there are two reasons why they do this:

1: To make sure you aren’t a secret hate criminal / serial killer. Amazingly, some people leave this information off their resume but flaunt it openly in the "privacy" of their social media accounts (i.e. in front of the entire world.) I’m going to assume that neither of these points apply to you, gentle reader.

2: To proactively look for ideal applicants. In other words, to headhunt to find a good candidate to escape from the infinite hell of endless resumes.

Whichever reason, you can bet that when you apply for a job, your social media accounts are going to rack up some views. And, if you have hot, in-demand skills, then you’re probably going to get views even when you’re not applying for jobs.

Why am I Doing This / What's The Catch? +

Infographic Resume Ignitor worked for me, so why don't I keep them for myself?

To be honest, the reason why I'm sharing with this is because I have nothing to lose by helping you land your dream job. You're not my competitor, and we aren't fighting over the same job.

At the same time, I've spent a lot of time teaching myself how to do this really well, and it's a great opportunity for me to make money by helping other people out.

So I'm willing to share the benefit of my knowledge and experience to help you get fast results. Without all the time, expense and trial and error that I had to go through.

And because I've had so much experience doing this, I can create the perfect attention-grabbing resume for you quickly, without charging a high monthly fee.